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It was everyone’s first job that gave them a platform, and to be running around New York City …the city was such a part of the show and such a character, and whether it was restaurants or fashion or concerts or an art gallery or museums, everyone wanted to be a part of the show, so they were so lovely to all of us.And I didn’t really get that vibe with this [cast] at all.

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So on the third one, when they asked me to be a series regular, I didn’t know if that meant I was going to be there for a year, if the show would go two years or three years, so I was just blessed to be a part of it.

Being the oldest of five, we were always like running to sports or running to some school function and on the go, and our house was always where people came for dinner and slept over.

Ours was very much an entertaining home, where there was game night with all of our friends and family.

And Emmy’s from the Upper East Side, so she was a fan of the show as well.

I remember when I booked and I had to do a little research of New York, because all of us came from L. I met a couple of people from the Upper East Side I’m like, "I just need to know, is this remotely close?

But the things between siblings, and being there or having the disagreements and that kind of thing, for sure. My brother’s a really great drummer, my sister’s a really great artist, my other sister can play guitar, piano.