Russian dating holiday

07-Jul-2020 22:22

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If I could make 3 wishes of my life they would be: first,...more about Katerina from Odessa If needed, I would describe myself as a very simple lady with simple needs and desires.

When Russian people talk about movie theatres, they will usually say "cinema"; if they talk about "theatres", they mean live performances.

In Russia, one still needs to know people in power to make things work.

This is why they maintain more friendships than an average westerner.

The majority of Russians consider themselves as Christians, and belong to Russian Orthodox Church.

It's a great achievement for the country where atheism was the official state religion for more than 70 years. They appreciate Christian moral values but do not follow them. Russians are more aware of horoscopes than the Bible.

more about Nadya from Lviv I am temperamental, can be so different in every situation, I love to change to the better side, love to grow myself in everything!