Signs he not interested in dating you

25-Mar-2020 16:17

If you’ve got a Taurus guy friend who flirts with you regularly and makes it a point to let you know that he’s not seeing anyone and you know he’s not pursuing anyone, it’s a pretty safe bet that he’s looking to take your connection beyond friendship.

Taurus men are known for their adorably sweet smiles, and when one of these guys is crushing hard, you’ll see it written all over his face.

Taurus guys absolutely hate change; it gives the feeling of losing control, something Taurus men really don’t like.

It’s always a gamble to bring someone into your private life, so if you’ve made it there with him you know he’s fairly certain you’re a great match for each other.

Does his posture straighten up a bit when you walk in the room?

Perhaps he always leans into you whenever the two of you are talking?

If your Taurus guy has invited you over to his house, into his group of friends, or otherwise into his personal bubble, there’s no question of his feelings for you.

Taurus men are, by nature, pretty private personalities, and they don’t go around inviting just anybody into their personal space, so if you’ve reached that point with your Taurus man, consider yourself quite lucky.

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Taurus men are naturally kind of shy, so it’s not uncommon for a Taurus guy to miss out on some romantic opportunities simply because he never says anything.

This is where being able to read his body language comes in handy.

Does your Taurus guy always seem to find his way beside or behind you in a group?

So, when they set their sights on you, the natural reaction is to be your protector and to treat you with respect.

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This includes making sure other people treat you the same.A genuine smile isn’t something you can fake, so the more you make him smile, the more into you he is.

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